Prism Cloud

Small cloud hosting company. Delivering top of the line performance for reasonable prices.

Feature 01


Enterprise grade server hardware, with optimized single core plans avalible. 99% uptime. Everyone gets deticated threads.

Feature 02


Built in DDoS protection shielded by Cloudflare so you don't have to worry about DDoS and other types of network attacks.

Feature 03


We will always list exactly what you're getting with your server, help you set it up, etc. Our number one goal is customer satisfaction (because we're kinda a non profit at the moment).


Coming soon... Right now, we only offer Minecaft hosting services.
*plans start at 8gb ram & 2 dedicated threads

Minecraft hosting
  • i9 13900k/12500/12600
  • DDR5 6000mhz ram
  • High speed nvme ssds
  • 1gbps+ (per container) ddos protected bandwidth

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