Terms of Service

*please note these are not final and are subject to change. You are expected to regularly check this page.

Terms of Service and EULA Interpretation and Definitions Interpretation Words with initial capitalization have meanings as defined under the following conditions. The following definitions apply regardless of singular or plural usage. Definitions For the purposes of these Terms and Conditions: Affiliate means an entity controlling, controlled by, or under common control with a party, where "control" signifies ownership of 50% or more of shares, equity interest, or other securities with voting rights. Account refers to a unique account created for accessing Prism Cloud services. Company (referred to as "the Company," "We," "Us," or "Our") pertains to Prism Cloud. Content includes data, files, text, images, or any information posted, uploaded, or linked by the user. Country refers to the United States. Device means any tool accessing the Service, such as a computer, cellphone, or digital tablet. Service refers to various plans offered by Prism Cloud. Subscriptions refer to services or access to the Service on a subscription basis. Terms and Conditions (also referred to as "Terms") signify the agreement between You and the Company regarding Service usage. Website refers to Prism Cloud's online domains. You refers to the individual or entity accessing or using the Service. Acknowledgment These Terms and Conditions regulate Service use and the agreement between You and Prism Cloud. Your access and use of the Service imply acceptance and compliance with these Terms. If disagreement arises, refrain from accessing the Service. By accessing the Service, you affirm being over 18 or having parental consent. Access and use are contingent upon acceptance of the Privacy Policy, describing data collection, usage, and protection. Review the Privacy Policy before using the Service. Subscriptions Subscription period Starts upon initial purchase, renewing every 30 days unless canceled. Subscription cancellations May be canceled through the billing panel (). Ensure associated payment subscriptions are canceled. Refunds No refunds for "End of Billing Period" cancellations. Exceptions within 24 hours of initial payment, processed through a ticket in the billing panel. Chargebacks Initiating a chargeback results in immediate service termination and a ban from future Company services. Billing Provide accurate billing information. Failed automatic billing prompts an electronic invoice. Services suspend and archive after two days of non-payment, terminate and after an additional six days. Fee Changes Company may modify Subscription fees with prior notice. Continued usage post-change constitutes agreement. User Accounts Provide accurate information. Safeguard your password. Notify of security breaches. Username compliance required. Content Right to Host Content You're responsible for hosted Content legality and appropriateness. Ensure Content ownership and compliance with rights. Content Restrictions Company isn't responsible for user content. Users solely responsible for their content, which must comply with this Agreement. Company reserves rights to determine appropriateness and may edit or remove content. Content Backups No backups for non Minecraft services. For Minecraft and Game hosting, backups occur, but no guarantee against data loss. Users responsible for maintaining their backups. Copyright Policy Intellectual Property Infringement Respect others' intellectual property. Respond to copyright infringement claims. Company complies with DMCA. Links to Other Websites Company isn't responsible for third-party websites. Users advised to read terms and privacy policies. Termination Company may terminate accounts for any reason without prior notice. User termination rights by discontinuing service use. Limitation of Liability Company's liability limited to actual payment for the Service. No liability for indirect damages. Some limitations may not apply based on jurisdiction. Acceptable Use Policy N/A Fair Usage Policy for Prism Cloud Excessive storage usage may prompt various actions. N/A Bandwidth No bandwidth limitations by default. Company may restrict or suspend services for high bandwidth usage. Mojang EULA (Minecraft services only) Users must comply with Mojang's End User License Agreement. Terms Specific to Dedicated Servers Service Level Agreement (SLA) Company offers a ~98% uptime guarantee for power and networking services. Credits available for downtime exceeding thresholds. Bandwidth Limits and Speeds Specifies bandwidth limits and port speeds for products. No guarantee of throughput speeds. "AS IS" and "AS AVAILABLE" Disclaimer Service provided "AS IS" and "AS AVAILABLE" without warranties. Company disclaims all implied warranties. Governing Law Laws of the Country govern these Terms. Ammends: please remember these terms aren't perfect, and are subject to change but if you use common sense, you'll probably be fine we do not make any billing exceptions for panel bugs (we may if your sftp hasn't worked for the majority of your billing cycle), ports, etc our service is provided as is and you are paying for that raw performance for now whenever I say "us" and "we", I'm referring to me, or the company all of this will be put on our website when it is finished right now, we're focusing our efforts on making a nice panel and various other quality of life things trials are not bound by terms, and we may do what we like with such servers also, by using our server (defined as joining, opening, logging in to any of our services) you automatically accept and agree to these terms USING CRACKED PLUGINS IS BANNABLE AND IS A VIOLATION OF OUR TERMS OF SERVICE AS TALKED ABOUT ABOVE. THE USE OF CRACKED PLUGINS IS NOT ONLY ILLEGAL, BUT IT CAN PUT YOUR SERVER AT RISK TO BACKDOORS/ETC. THE USE OF CRACKED PLUGINS WILL RESULT IN THE IMMEDIATE TERMINATION OF YOUR SERVER AND WE DO HAVE THE AUTHORITY TO CHECK IF YOU ARE USING SUCH CRACKED PLUGINS.

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